Kampmann to 170?

I know it is a typical thing for guys who lose badly to drop, but I think that for Martin it really would be the right thing to do. He has looked VERY small compared to his opponents, and even though he has GREAT striking, he seems unable to really do a lot of damage to the bigger guys in the division. He looked like a little boy next to Marquart. I have said since way back when he beat Drew that he should drop.

I, for one, would love to see him jump into the fray at 170.

I was saying this same thing when they stepped out of the corners, before Marquardt proceeded to beat him down. I think this guy would give many problems at 170.


 Love to see him at 170!

I don't think he has a weak chin, he took some solid ones on the button after the shin bone to the temple. I don't think people realize this, but the right hook to the body from Marquardt appeared to be what actually folded him.

He's danish, not dutch. And he took a beating there, I'm surprised he didn't drop earlier ...

He got caught with a kick to the head very early & Marquadt didnt give him any room to breathe, shots like that when a guy is fresh is gonna put down just about anybody

ttt for that bodyshot

"For a dutch fighter with the stand up skills he possesses he seems to have a weak chin."

What? Weak chin?

Did you see the shots he ate from Drew? In a fight where he not only took the shots, but finished with a picture perfect arm triangle.

The guy ate a shin to the head, then several straight shots to the face before crumbling to a HARD body shot from a much bigger fighter.

Read the Pav's update on mmajunkie. Martin didn't even have to cut to make weight. He should be fighting at 170.