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Looks like Kang could have been on TUF. I would have liked to see Kang kick some Leben butt.


By Ken Pishna, MMAWeekly.com

Denis Kang has got to be one of the most underrated fighters in the world. Currently riding a twelve-fight streak without losing, still, not many people have seen him fight.

Denis has scene a lot of changes in his career over the past few months. He took a little time to sit down and give us this update...

MMAWEEKLY: Denis, the first half of your career was kind of up and down, but you have been winning consistently for the past two years now. What did you do to change things up?

DENIS: I think things really changed when I started to cross-train a little more seriously. Before I would just do BJJ and hit the bag a little bit for standup. As soon as I hooked up with my boxing coach Tony Pep and started going to SFU to wrestle, I hit a new level.

MMAWEEKLY: I understand that you've recently changed things up again. Why don't you tell us a little bit about who you're training with now.

DENIS: I have recently moved down to Florida and joined American Top Team. The training here is top notch. We have great coaches for every area of the sport and plenty of skilled training partners to practice with. My ferocity is increasing every day here.

MMAWEEKLY: Now, you haven't lost a fight in your last 12 bouts going 11-0-1. During that stretch, you've become one of the featured fighters in Korea, a country that is somewhat new to the sport of MMA. How did that come about?

DENIS: I first fought there in February of last year. At first I thought it would just be like any other fight except I would get to see some family. I won the tournament and the country just embraced me. They loved the fact that my father was Korean and that I've been fighting MMA for a while, when the sport is only a few years old there.

MMAWEEKLY: At one time, I thought I had heard your name mentioned as a possible candidate for The Ultimate Fighter. What happened there?

DENIS: I went through all the final castings and interviews and I was on the show, however my contract with Spirit MC in Korea was conflicting with the shooting of the show. We both thought it would be best if I passed up this opportunity for now.

MMAWEEKLY: Have you seen The Ultimate Fighter?

DENIS: I saw it, and I loved it. I know a lot of the guys on it, and I just think it's great to have anything MMA related on TV. This sport has come so far since the early days.

MMAWEEKLY: Not many fighters can boast of a record that includes a 12 fight streak without losing. Do you feel like you're ready to fight in the UFC's and Pride's of the world?

DENIS: I think I've been ready for a while , and ever more so now with the help of ATT.

MMAWEEKLY: Why do you think it is that you haven't been called up to the big leagues yet?

DENIS: It's only a matter of time, and I don't really think about it too much. For me staying focused on my training is the priority. The longer I wait, the better I'll be when I get in there!

MMAWEEKLY: Your last fight was a win over Alexei Veselovzorov in December. When will we see you in the ring again?

DENIS: I will be fighting within the next few months. Keep your eyes open!

MMAWEEKLY: Anything you'd like to add?

DENIS: I want to thank my sponsors, SPRAWL and KTFO!

Kang officially welcomed to ATT


I would prefer to see Kang kick ass on TUF than Thacker.

TTT for Denis!

IMO Denis is a level above any of those guys on that show. It would be great to see him kick that Leben guys ass royally though.

Go Denis!!



All the best Denis! The sky is the limit!


I give Denis 2:1 odds over Thacker ;)

It was a draw in Russia to a Russian fighter.

it wouldn't have been fair to put denis on TUF, he would just run through all those guys. plus i think he can probably get a much better contract the normal way than the one they have for the winner of the show.

Jimmy, no truer words have been spoken.

inf0tr8r, denis has never fought suloev.

Denis won his last fight in Russia in like a mintue.. via choke. Jimmy is correct, he ha NOT fought Sulov.

Hi JImmy


Kang will storm the UFC with power and grace when he gets into the octagon.

He got a draw with semenov last year but if you saw he fight it was a clear victory. You would be hard pressed to get a decision in russia against thier poster boy figther. He did win in moscow in december with a sweet spinning triangle arm chocke. I was running the video cam and it was an awesome performance by the canadians that were there.