Kang on Royce

Saw an interesting quote from Kang on Royce. I was honestly surprised
by the quote at first, but now I wonder if it wasn't a bit of a marketing

This was in response to Royce indicating that fighters like Vanderlai are

From: dendawg

Date: 12/11/04 08:33 PM

"Getting hit is part of training so you might as well learn to like it.
Nothing about being stupid. Royce is just scared or trainin hard."

Here is a link to the original thread.


To be fair everyone is scared of getting hit otherwise fighters wouldn't try to defend punches. It is how you deal with that fear that determines the type of fighter you are. Oh Yeah and ...Kang is the man.

the link doesn't work but i did read the thread when it was up. the issue wasn't how you deal with punches in the ring, but rather how many punches you take in training. i think it is true in this day and age that in order to be a top 10 fighter, you have to train realisticaly. and that means having your training partners go all out. royce has said that he isn't willing to take that sort of damage in training, and i think that is the reason he will never be a top 10 fighter at this stage in the evolution of the sport. denis on the other hand, will be. arguably already is.

Jimmy is correct!