KANG vs SEMENOV pictures

Check out these great pics of Kang pounding Semenov at the december 5th M1. Excellent work Denis....


looks like Kang stomped his way in to the draw!!!!

two phenomenal athletes.


Thanks guys, nice photography on Keith Mill's part.


great pics. Damn Russian judges

They were bought with a new tractor and a bag of onions each...

That's impressive to see Dennis put Seminov on his back considering the fights in the UFC where Seminov countered everyone. This is just one big fight in Denis' bright future

Thanks guys. Kang/Semenov was the main reason I went in the first place. Damn judges.

Keith Mills

put the video up so the canadians can see.

Great pictures of two great athletes. I too would
like to see the video.

Lets be honest here Denis Kang has in the last year proven himself on three separate occasions with fights against UFC competitors, you are looking at pictures of an individual who has proven himself and has separated himself from the many fighters who are on the doorstep of the UFC, begging for the opportunity to prove they are worthy....Denis Kang is a octagon competitor period he has proven it on various occasions this past year, his time has come...ATTENTION UFC, Denis Kang is in the door invite the man in!!!!
Leslie Dickens