Kanji translation help?

Can anyone translate 'canadian' for me to japanese kanji. any help appreciated. thanks

Do you mean a Canadian person or Canadian as an adjective? In either case it would be written in katakana, not kanji.

There is an antiquated way to write Canada using kanji, but it has pretty much fallen out of use since WWII. Most young people would not understand it. At any rate, we can't write in kanji on this forum.

But if you really need it and your PC can handle Japanese encoding, post your email address.


thanks for your input. canadian as in person, as in im a canadian. thanks again. jay

Go to a book store and check for books that have katakana in it.

Canadian is : ka na da ji n (kanadajin) ("jin" is used to depict nationality - amerikajin/kanadajin/furansujin/...)

Here is the real Canadian Man:





Don't get a tatoo or something that says "Canadian." Trust me, it won't look cool in Japanese.

Just get a stylized maple leaf or something.

it was for a Tshirt i was makin for fun.

canada (kanji) = 加奈陀

canada (katakana) = カナダ

canadadian (kanji) = 加奈陀人

canadadian (katakana) = カナダ人

The kanji version could look cool actually, as it's a rarely used one and kinda has a buddist nuance from the use of 陀 (as in 阿弥陀仏/Amitabha Buddha, or 御陀仏) and 奈 (as in 奈良/Nara).