Kaoklai Kaennorsing in MMA??

How do you think Kaoklai Kaennorsing would do in the UFC welterweight division?? I honeslty believe he would KO alot of his oppenants and would be extremely hard to take down. I was watching his clinch is really good also.

What footage is in your possession that would lead you to believe Kao is "extremely hard to take down"?

He'd better have great takedown defense because everyone would be taking him down....

The fights would be pretty boring considering everyone would just go for the takedown immediatly. It seems Kaoklai falls down alot, maybe it just his big opponents. Maybe he could develope a sprawl like Crocop and tear shit up. Lytle, Spratt, and Lawler might stand with him for an exciting fight though.

he is fuckin awesome.


now that you've mentioned it, I've never heard of there being any Thai MMA fighters. It would be interesting if that happened. If Kaoklai learned some takedown defense, I'm sure he can keep the fight standing and own everyone else. If he can outstrike world class strikers who outweight him by some 50 lbs or so, he can definately outstrike mediocre and/or terrible strikers who weigh as much as he does.

He'd actually be fighting at 155. So...

...his kicks are a lot quicker than a Yves' Edwards kick. He's lightning fast for size just like all of those guys and actually has some of the weight to cut, unlike most Thais. If there was one to go to MMA (cause he'll never win K-1...he'll beat a lot of guys, then lose to decision to guys like Musashi and the big tard Korean, or get killed by Peter Aerts. Not much of a career choice), it'd be him.

How heavy are the 155-165 classes in Thailand right now, anyway? I haven't paid attnetion in years.

Kaoklai wouldn't do to well. The heavyweights would outweigh him by too much and be able to take him down at will. Though he would get the occasional knockout against whoever wanted to bang with him :).