Kaplan got MirKO'd!!!!

Did anybody else notice the leg?

I did.

then I love it he still insist that he wasnt KO'D LOL, he was sleeping like a baby that dude is delusional

CroCop leg

had that table (or whatever it was) not been there, his leg would have been as horribly buckled as Mirko's was.

 he wasnt out

 He was clearly alert and concious. I don't what show you guys were watching.


I can't be ko'd!

hit meee!



groggily comes to

yeah...I wasn't ko'd

 classic TUF moment.  Gif is needed.

from the thread title, i thought it was a nut kick.

color me disappointed.

the look lawler gave him while he was spouting off about not being knocked out was priceless..........

+1 for the gif request

victorpoprock - yeah, he was even making the weird "I'm knocked out" moan.

This is exactly correct. You can clearly hear him fucking SNORING and gurgling.

My ass he wasn't out.

I took his "I wasn't knocked out" statement as being a pretty dry joke.


Damn you TUF NOOBs!! The proper term is "Nelmarked". Geez.


I caught that last night. His leg was defintely Cro-Cop'd.

He got KTFO.


Ausgepicht - Damn you TUF NOOBs!! The proper term is "Nelmarked". Geez.


Nelmark was teh first name that popped into my head when i saw it.....