Karaoke from Seth's Bar Mitzvah (1993)



This guy was rummaging through his grandmother's house (she's the one in the blue dress) and came across a tape labeled 'Seth's Bar Mitzvah 1993'. Comedy gold was found within.


0:39 Close up on granny who has no fucking clue what is going on

0:43 Close up on Aunt So and So who has the "Do it faggot" face on

1:55 Grandpa from stage left with wig and inflatable guitar doing a blazing guitar solo when there is no guitar solo

2:36 Aunt So and So being a drunken cunt

2:52 Wigs for me and all of my people!!!!

3:15 Grandpa is back in a different wig but this time he's having a stroke.

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Hitler wanted to stop this.