Karasu is like Crumb in a lot of ways...huh

3:05 in the video 

husky strong 


He's living the big win lifestyle enjoying the fruits of his good habit off a granite counter top while we eat the crumbs off the vinyl floor

LOL that video.  He is right about how strong FULL BODIED women are the natural feminine design.  


Just last week my GF told me how there was a food container which need to be opened and the other LunchLadies could not open it and how she easily opened it for them.  One woman is an avid runner which has the contemporary structure promoted by modern GAY media influence as the ideal standard of beauty(FALSE)..........and this masculine looking athletic woman could not even open that food container and then everyone was very impressed with my GF's natural FULL BODIED HuskyFat feminine design's ability to open that container!  


Men are of course naturally stronger than women so his strength is adequate and he should not damage his structure by lifting HeavyWeights which will result in development of a feminine HuskyFat shape.  His strength is adequate to his hunter/gather needs.  Women should maintain her strength by lifting weights so she can perform the heavy duties of house-hold managment.