Karate BB vs Avg boxer story..

Couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching a black belt under Chuck Norris(so he claimed)go up against this spanish kid that has been boxing on and off for about 6 years.

Karate guy was like a statue with his footwork.

While the the boxer was just basically moving around on the balls of his feet and dancing around firing in 3,4,5 and even a 6 punch combination.

I'd tell you more but it only went about 2/3minute rounds.

After seeing all this made me want to call my parents and thank them for not letting take karate when I was 10years old.

ha, i know that story. i trained karate from 76 thru00 and achieved that pinnacle of karate success, the cheeseball black belt.

in december `00 at my local YMCA i met a NHB/jiu jitsu instructor. didn't know much about that and we talked and decided to train together and get a class going.

he smoked me like i was a red headed step child. he controlled every aspect, stand-up, clinch, take-down and forget about the ground. i was like a fish.

i immediately statrted training with him and have since gotten a bit better but i am still very much the beginner.

"i was like a fish."

...out of water, you mean?

nypo.. You obviously missed all the applications you're Karate skills could have been used for... Hello! Telephone booths??

Proof positive that all Karate sucks, he said sarcastically.

A GOOD Kenpo man beats the Boxer, if not find a new teacher.

Gary Hughes.


All in good humour of course Gary.

I sometime train in the Philipines with master Christopher Rickets head of the Bakbakan (Illustrisimo Kali, and other arts). He trains boxers, kali stylists etc. One of his students was a 3rd ranked boxer in the Philipines abut 15 years ago.

One day he said to me after we were boxing sparring. "Boxing is a great sport, but when i fight, I use Karate."

This is a guy who isn't a keyboard warrior. He has had real fights in Manilla, with sticks/knives/empty hands. His technique of choice is the revserse punch !

pulsar...of course.

bsrizpac...I have just started weight training and light bag work, I'll keep all my fans updated.

Great Cornholio...the phone booth is where real men fight.  Nowhere to run.


rickets is the brother of that martial arts actor right? ive seen them before...not too impressive...but not bad...

Depends on the person, not the style.

Black belt under chuck norris? Chuck hasn't run a karate school since before Good Guys Wear Black lol

Fedor's Nut Flea...that's because Kenpo guys aren't fruitcakes, fruitcake.

Gary Hughes, Not a Fruitcake


bsrizpac...your statement make you appear very ignorant and that your opinion is meaningless.  There are many styles of Karate, both good and bad.  How many styles did you train in?  Pull your head out............




Stormkaos...you have got to be kidding me KKM!!  Maybe I better go to Blockbuster and finally rent me UFC 1!!  Thanks for the heads up.  Has anybody heard of that Hoyce Gracie guy?

Gary Hughes, Master Of The Flying Guillotine


Stormkaos posted:  "i box and i know if i ever faught a karate kenpo guyy ide bumrush them right away leave no distance cuz theres minimal grappling...and boxers are most dangerous when close to there opponent"

Sounds like you have it all planned, but fights are never how you plan them.  Remember, we're not talking about Boxing here.

How's your kick defense and can you block a leg kick or sweep?  Do you know how to block knees and elbows? 

Boxing is a sport and is too limited to beat a good Karate fighter.

Gary Hughes

"Boxing is a sport and is too limited to beat a good Karate fighter."

A good karate fighter is hard to find.  Of course, as you have stated many times, you are the exception.

What do you do different than every other karateka on the planet, Mr. Hughes?  We all know about your celebrated 2.5 years of BJJ, but what makes your striking anything worth mentioning? 

You constantly bring up the late Ed Parker as an example of great martial prowess, the same Ed Parker who sold an eighth degree black belt to Elvis and probably sold every other black belt he ever awarded.  This would explain why Kenpo gets NO respect.



*highlight this post for a glimpse of the obvious.

The karate guy probably hadn't done much contact sparring. He also
probably doesn't know how to take a punch to the face.


"Couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching a black belt under Chuck Norris(so he claimed)go up against this spanish kid that has been boxing on and off for about 6 years. "

I doubt the Norris claim. Part of his BB requirement is that you geta blue belt in BJJ, and besides that, Norris was a very legit kickboxer, a pioneer in fact, a BB under Norris would be doing lots and lots of contact.

Say what you will BUT a decent Karate guy from a quality
school would destroy a avg boxer...