Karate Chump Manny TomatoCan Reyes

This a public challenge to you Lord of the Ring, you find a promoter to set it up, it can be in a gym closed door web cast viewing, a public fight venue anywhere in the states.

You use any Power Ranger technique in the ring, you can also wear that big ass foam helmet also. Dickheads like you are fun to shut up.

I'm waiting for a answer karate bitch!

*runs for snacks to get back to watch the fun*

    *practices kata while waiting*

**practacing the salsa**

...I don't have any kata to practice...

*******get wings and beer....waits for action

Also waiting for the fire works, in the mean wile thinking what would be the best way for MMAking to finish the fight

MMAKing by jumping reverse crescent kick KO.

The satellite dish on his head would make for great traction in a RNC

Sorry guys, LOL!, I'm a BJJ/SHOOTO fighter, best way to finish the fight is TKO(ref stoppage) I won't stop until he is totally unconsious when I bounce his head on the mat like a basketball.


Fabulous? What a fuckin fag.

No Body gives a shit about sport Karate!!!!

I'll fight all you dumb f**king retards one by one in 1 night, this goes to the Manny "Soup Can" Reyes camp!

I'm ready to beat the shit out of you faggots!

Pops Krasnoo you have already post that dumbass stat sheet, the people and the fighters can care less about karate point tag fighting(LOL).

Face it your karate point monkey and yourself are a bunch of pussys, and the whole team needs a reality check right now!

ttt for beating up people

"Manny is the most talked about MMA Fighter in the world today"

He's really not though, he's just got the attention of a couple people who'd fuck him up.


Who considers him the #1 155er? Where is he coming up with this shit?

BAN HIM!!!!!!

his little brother thinks he's the best 155..oh and his 12year old little dragons!!!kiiiiaaaaa!!

lol @ the kiiiiaaaa!!!

OK I'll let you be ahead in all 3 rounds on points, thats seems fair, if you can make it in 15 min. in the cage you will win the match, no questions asked.

But, I will try the knock your ass out for sure, tapping you out is too easy, I want to cave your skull in the chained linked fence, after the match when they dig your head out of the mat, I'll autograph the motherfucker mail to ATT as a present.

I thought making challenges on this forum was forbidden? At least back when joined up. Anyhow, sport karate is point sparring right? If it is, I wouldn't worry about it. Full Contact Karate is different. Muay Thai is better.