Karate Kid: Original Editing (colorized)



So brave.

That was fantastic

I thought the OG had more Johnny fans.  No one ever had some new punk come to town, try to steal their girl, and have to be taught a lesson?

Let alone throw water on them while they are trying to sneak a few hits from a j, at a school dance?


Sub for later

You're the best, around!  Nothings gonna ever keep ya down!

Except a well placed elbow strike to the side of your injured knee, and then a leg sweep, high kick combo.


Your got damn right!


That little mouthy, skinny, Jersey, greaseball asked for everything he got!


As a kid of course I like Daniel tho, even made me his bandana.

Martin Kove was fucking penomenal as "Kreese". You can tell even in that little parody clip.


He brings so much weight and gravity, a real sense reality to the movie. And real menacing presence.


My favorite Kreese scene, apart from when he is indoctrinating his students as to what "Does not EXIST in this dojo"