karate or muay thai more effective fighting art

I cannot decide between the two which one I want to train in what do you guys think?

I would go with Karaté.....one of the ebst Muy Thai teacher in FRance has said in an interview that he trained his MMA fighters in KARATE because the stance was more appropriate for MMA

GSP, MAchida, LIddel etc are all Karaté fighter

of course he was not speaking about the Shotokan but about the strong style of karaté such as Kyukunshinkai

Muay Thai for sure.....it is much more effective and devistating

of course he was not speaking about the Shotokan but about the strong style of karaté such as Kyukunshinkai




Its "Kyokushin kai"

There are karate styles just as good as muay thai (most notably kyokushin and its derivatives, like shidokan, enshin, ashihara, daido juku and several others), but they are drowning in a sea of crap karate. Karate is a collective world for a large number of very different styles that often dont share much more than the name "karate".

Muay thai has started getting a problem with cardio kick&box gyms labeling themselves as thaiboxing for marketing purposes, but they still have way to go until they get to the "good dojo vs crap dojo" ratio problem that karate suffers.

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I'd go with Muay Thai, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I hope you're into pain!

 How is this even a question?

Muay Thai wins on space requirement alone.

Even though Kyokushin is off the hook as a karate style.
Very tough.I would go with Muay Thai.

Karate gets a bad rap but I have seen a lot of very tough Karate fighters in the old school K-1 days. A good Karate guy is hard as nails (by that I mean almost impossible to hurt to the body) and has good conditioning. MT guys are also know for outstanding conditioning. I would say compare gyms and go with the best available dojo and best value for you based on what you are looking for.

If there is a shitty karate school and a shitty muay Thai school, go to the muay Thai school. It there is a good karate school and a good muay Thai school, take your pick.

karate. no can defend.

I'd probably go with Muay Thai just on the clinch alone. Although I've heard some good things about Kyokushinkai and Kempo.

karate cause its easier to spell