Currently im enrolled in karate for gym this semester at first I was oh like yeah ill just bs thru it and get it over. Now im thinking I should take yoga if i can manage to get in. Is it good any of you guys know about it. Plus its all ladies in there so that aint a bad thing.

Yoga is unreal. I have been doing it daily for about 6 months. My flexibility has gotten a little better, but my back pain has gotten a lot better, and I sleep a lot more soundly.

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Yoga is better for self defense. Plus the chicks are hotter.



Yoga is good shit!!!

Definitely the yoga wins out with the chicks. Make sure to look confident about being there.

I took both for gym classes in college. No comparison, yoga is much better.Karate had a little midgety brown belt instructor who couldn't beat up Warwick Davis, and who yells at you all the time and expects you to call him sir and recite stuff in Japanese at the end of every class. And it had the attendant nerds who actually like that kind of thing.

Depends on the schools. In my neck of the woods the "average" karate school is a McDojo, while the average yoga studio has great class sizes, personal attention and an instructor with decades of experience.

So me, personally, I'd go with yoga.


Can short stocky (or hehe fat) guys do Yoga? I saw the Yoga class one day and there were some hot chicks in there, but it looked too hard for me, because of my build.

Yoga. Best thing you'll ever do for your bjj.

Can short stocky (or hehe fat) guys do Yoga? It's like bjj. You start where you start and over time you get better. Don't feel you have to "get in shape" to start or be worried about others. Try it for a month or two. If it meets your needs, keep going. If not, figure out why, maybe a different class or instructor would be a better fit for you or a different activity.

That's a near consensus!

Total agreement on YOGA!

I guess there needs to be a new Yoga forum.

Who'd a thought.

Yeah I didnt think id get so many positive responses for Yoga. The only problem now is getting in cause all the classes are booked. I gotta wait till someone drops it before the semester and jump in there spot. Hopefully I can its obviously a pretty popular choice among the ladies. Thatd be hot if i got in though I probably would be one of the only males there probably more flexible than half the girls too so i wont look like a total schmuck.

If you can, do it. Lots of hot chicks go there.