karate works

karate works. BJJ is done in UFC?


David Spade trains MMA?


I started training Shotokan Karate about three months ago and I couldn't agree more!

My red belt in Tang so do will dominate andre's jiu jitsu black belt. At least as long as I stay on the East Coast.

The UFC is just boxing now. Dream is all about BJJ


Tang Soo Do is "watered down" Shotokan mixed with some fancy kicks & little kung Fu.

But, unlike Shotokan, it is unrealistic and will NOT work in the UFC, especially against BJJ.


shen - Tang Soo Do is "watered down" Shotokan mixed with some fancy kicks & little kung Fu.

But, unlike Shotokan, it is unrealistic and will NOT work in the UFC, especially against BJJ.


Typical TSD bashing...

Look, just like BJJ and wrestling in the past, karate is having its little moment in the sun in the UFC right now. Well guess what's gonna happen when the game evolves past mere Shotokan?

Tang Soo Do was developed to blend the powerful footwork of the Koreans with the precision of Japanese hands. You think the original grandmasters hadn't got this far?

Just wait till you see some of these new cats coming up throwing full on crescent kicks into reverse punches. Next level shit...

karate works great... when you have bjj skills to compliment it.

no bjj skills = gracie in action

with bjj skills = GSP and Machida

LOL @ "mere Shotokan"... --I bet you wouldn't say that to Funakoshi's face!

Machida & I BOTH train Shotokan and it works for us. Period.

The game won't evolve past Shotokan skills, I'm 100% positive about that. (How could a striking art evolve to be more effective than "One strike, one kill"...???)

Look, TSD is fine against an untrained drunk in a bar or in K1 or whatever, but if you want to win at the TOP level in the cage or Iron Ring, you need Shotokan.

Just being real.

Hey, I've enjoyed watching the small, unathletic Machida use his family's brand of Shotokan to defeat all comers in the octagon as much as the next guy. From what I saw of his beach kata training, his horse stances looked absolutely BRUTAL!

Shotokan definitely has its place in the cage. Even in the UFC now pretty much all top fighters have either trained in Shotokan or are trained to defend against it. All the quality top MMA gyms are looking to get an Okinawan black belt to come teach.

Its just that I think if you don't look at other areas of combat addressed by Soo Bak Do, Hung Gar, Goju Ryu, or Hapkido you could get sort of stuck in your ways while others are adapting. I think Hwang Kee was just ahead of his time developing TSD, and created something that will prove to be very relevant, very soon.

if u are gonna fight in the cage or the ring as far as mma u need both... just a striking style is not gonna take over the mma game... cuz its true 90 percent of the fights it the mat any way... so u need to be well rounded.. alot of them striking styles are great in a bar fight or street but what would happen if u kick didnt land were u wanted it tooo or you just didnt get a chance cuz the drunk starting with u just closed the distance...bjj is great for ground work and self defense.... bjj self defense is crzy....

Good posts...

I guess, like Machida, I'm just very confident with my Shotokan.

Honestly, I don't mean to knock Hwang Kee, it's just that Funakoshi a was revolutionary how he modified the hip movement of traditional Okinawan Karate so that the techniques would work for a much smaller person.

BTW, I just heard some young guy --just off the plane from Narita-- is teaching some INSANE Goju Ryu out of a garage the Southbay (CA). I gotta check that out. Heard his Bunkai is off tha hook!

Shen has axe kicked the correct,accept for his unwarranted Tang Soo do remarks.

 MY technique is Jesus 'n' Joe Son Do.  It answers all my needs -- grappling, striking, and faith.