kaream ellington vs mike patt

did anyone see this bodog fight? i just watched the episode (without sound - i'm at the office), and it looks like kaream gassed in the second round. good fight, though. so now does the winner of 'masvidal vs patt' get the winner of 'buckner vs larosa'?

no one else saw this fight? screw you guys.

thanx for the spoiler!!!!

Will watch when I get home tonight from work...


thanks for the spoiler dickwad.

deletes SiouxNYC from myspace

spoiler? it's on the damn internet - DL it.

Don't talk to me.

We're in a fight.


^^^A Peace Offering???^^^^^^

a sedative.

Jim....u going to CFFC?

fo sho.

It's Mike Patt, btw.

What channel is it going to be on tonight? What time?

No one knows the info?

Jim...it's my birthday........

gifts are welcomed


happy birthday. do you like seafood? maybe i'll give you a case of crabs.

yo jim I'm fighting in the CFFC I'll see you there

mr uresk!

yes sir I'm pissed and someone has to pay

siouxNYC... where did you see this fight online? I want to check it out. Thanks.