Karen not happy about having to move her car


Lol they posted her license plate.

Lol. My hometown. 


Here ya go...

A Bullet to the head. 

Well....the white lady IS crazy. I mean....c'mon, ma'am.

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Nice twitter handle

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What is wrong with people

wife of an OGer, no doubt

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And it was Walmart right?

Festus -

And it was Walmart right?

Dead center between Walmart and Ross. 

She looked like she was gonna go supersaian Karen at the end there and it cut out, I wanted to see more LOL. 

Taco Muncher - 

A quote from Twitter..

"Don't blame her so much as blame Trump and his culture of hate and fear that made her that way."

wow. I've said it before, people see a camera and get defensive and have to prove that they don't care and act out and overcompensate and look foolish and say stuff they regret.

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LOL,. "Listen you short fucking piece of shit". I'm dead asf right now

So she parked her car in the middle of the drive lane across the front of other cars? It's not like it was a full lot. There appeared to be plenty of spaces beyond that point when she started to pull away. The fuck was her deal? 

That crazy bish is a kindergarten teacher. Could you imagine her spending 35 hours per week in charge of your child?