Karen sues employer for firing her for being a racist

In that case, I hope she wins billions.

I’ve never been married, and only support hoes like you with an allowance.
Call me a dick, but you’ll never take the taste of my name out of your mouth.

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Say my name again

There is no other video and she plead guilt to lying to the police anyway. Idiots like him just jump on threads and poison them with lies.

Just like a woman, but almost worse.

Bitch had a dead man in her car trunk

There’s two colours mentioned in that article, one is capitalized, there other is not. Weird…

Do you have any evidence of that? I’m happy to change my opinion if so. I’m not relying on the ‘news sources,’ I watched the videos of the interaction when it happened. It seemed pretty clear she was being a KAREN.

Where have you been the last year?! It’s like that everywhere. You’ll start noticing now.


He’s a troll. Sometimes it’s hard to tell between the low brow inbred racists on here and trolls, but this one doesn’t come to threads for any other reason than to get attention.

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20 bucks says she votes Democrat

First, ignored content. It is amazing.

Going on what dilligaf said I get what video is being referenced. The dude was calling the dog over and clearly implying he was going to harm it. He also started the whole thing by being a Karen about the off leash dog. If the races were reversed and she gave him a hard time over an unleashed dog she’d be the Karen again. Can’t win.

Nothing she said on the call was probably false and a reasonable person would feel he threatened her dog.


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Does anyone have her number?

That’s an easy way to determine if the source is leftist trash

Trump supporter from Canada LOL

Because they fired her the NEXT day according to the article. NOTHING LEGAL is resolved and investigated in one day.

They fired her because she was white, not because all the facts were in.


Correct and Karen is a racist derogatory term for a white woman.

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employers have a right to fire someone and the employee has a right to sue for wrongful dismissal.

If she’s in ontario and she’s older and in a senior position its about 8 months to a year of termination pay. ( plus lawyers fees )

even more if the company has hindered her from finding new employment

This happened in the US. Employers can fire you for any reason at any time.

She’s an idiot. Not only will her suit fail, now no self-respecting company will hire her.