Karen sues employer for firing her for being a racist


do you have contracts you sign?

in canada employers can fire you as well, but they need to pay you severence

is that not the case in the US?

In general, the US private employers are at will companies. The exceptions obviously are contracted employees and government workers.

But by and large private companies can fire you for any reason at any time.

What does at-will employment mean?

At-will employment describes a working environment in which employers are free to terminate employees at any time, without cause, explanation or prior warning, provided it does not violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Similarly, employees can quit a job at any time without reason or notice.

Permitted in nearly all U.S. states, an at-will employment agreement is in contrast to education, labor and other professional sectors that organize through unions to uphold guidelines and protections for employees.

It’s not always that cut and dry, but you have most likely always been on the receiving end of termination. Meaning they fire your fucking ass cause a loser is a loser!

Usually not, @androb . We sign contracts, but the contracts are basically that the employer can bend you over and have their way anytime they want, for any reason, and you can’t even sue if they do - most of the contracts agree that you’ll go through ‘arbitration’ instead of suing if anything happens.

thanks… we are much different here in Canada

It also means if you just decide to not show up one day and the company loses money the company can’t sue you either. It goes both ways.

Most people with any sense negotiate the language of those agreements. If you aren’t able to do that then it likely indicates that your value is not where it should be. Same with separation agreements - lots of idiots will just sign them blindly so they can collect the carrot on a string, without giving any thought to the value of what they’re selling.

Do you really think MOST people with sense negotiate those?

I know a retort may be, “they had no sense,” but I’ve hired hundreds of people and never once had it come up. And if it did, there is zero chance we’d budge on those clauses, your offer would just be rescinded / you’d reject it

I’m sure VPs / C-Suite / Board members may be able to negotiate those out, but for >90%, I doubt it.

I could be wrong, but in all my years, have never once seen / heard of that occur.

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Correct. Employers with a team of corporate lawyers will always get their way.

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Lmfao he said he was going to kill her dog. Does that sound like something someone would actually say?

“I’m gon kill yo dog bitch!”

You guys and your fuckin fantasies lmfao

I could see someone saying of an off-leash dog “If it comes my way I’ll kill it”. Don’t know if he did or didn’t.

He offered her dog treats to get out of the bushes. She claimed he was trying to kill her dog with poisonous treats. She admitted this is what’s set her off

I support her pushing back against cancel culture.

People should not be fired from a job over internet mobbing.

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She’s the kind of woman who would yell rape at a man she consensually had sex with.

You want to encourage this kind of behavior?

You want mobs of crazy women falsely accusing men of trying to kill or rape them running around NYC?

We know he didn’t, because he recorded the entire incident DILL is just one of many trolls who run around poisoning threads for attention.

The only one in the video hurting the dog is her strangling the poor thing because she frantically trying to get back at him for daring to ask her to follow the rules.

in for some proof for DILLIGAF’s claims. The tried to kill dog, not squats

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She stated that he threatened her, which he did, he even admitted as much.

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He didnt start the recording until later, he admitted what he said, which was threatening.