Kari Lake calls out Katie Hobbs for trying to remove the Pledge, National Anthem, and Constitution from schools!

That will take too long. Plus I know how often that damn word is thrown around, so Im not taking a politicians word for it, they ARE liars.

Fear much? Debates are overrated? Cunt

He just mad because he got duped into fighting a war that cost him his leg and all because of Republicans (or so he says).

If you are going to take anybody’s political advice on this forum it sure as hell shouldnt be that guys.

Hobbs is a liberal which is anything but fine.

Kari is awesome

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gateway pundit

By far the biggest red flag. Anyone who enjoys exerting government power on citizens shouldn’t be allowed to.

Kari Lake is a bit too extreme for my liking, but she is a very smooth public speaker I will give her that.

All those years as a news anchor really helping her with delivery.

Rent free. I love how you add new details and layers with every repeat of this. I was in before 9/11 again you dolt.

What fear? Like I mentioned there is virtually zero undecided here in az. How is a debate relevant to how they will run as governor? Positions are known. What other job requires you to debate to obtain? What unknown would you discover? As entertainment to watch Kari make whackadoodle claims I understand but to be undecided at this point is just ludicrous.

Fuck anyone who wants to keep AZ purple or turn it blue.

Move somewhere else if you’re going to vote Democrat.

AZ is RED!


Lake can get it
Sexy as hell

Kari Lake is sexy for a 53 year old.

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