karitonov fighting in Olympics!!!!

i have read on some French MMA Forum that Sergei karitonov is gonna fight for tadjikistan in boxing at athènes.

He has the same date of Birth and is in the same wheigt categorie..

is it the Pride Fighter or an othe one?

TTT for someifo..thisthread is not trolling.

they are speaking about it in Sherdog

well, considering the boxing event is already into the semifinal matches I don't think he'll be competing....


so no one want to check.

In every forum they are speaking about that, except the UG. it must be some thruth to this.

Boxing is just about over and the fact that he is busted up is enough to know that the medical officials wouldn't let him fight.

"so no one want to check. "

Go to the olympic site (http://www.athens2004.com/) and check out his weight class- he's not there. He probably qualified but just didn't compete