Mike Karkula is a hard-working, talented guy who is fighting his first mma fight tomorrow night at Ringside in Montreal.

Mike, you have worked hard, and you are ready. Do your thing, my friend. It's your time.

He will break before you do.

is he fighting IKEA furnishings?

Big Rig

karkula is an asshole, but good luck anyways! :P

Karkula likes house music... but I will still root for the techno viking.

^^^ Correction. I don't know where you got your PHOalse info but Karkula likes EURO...somehow I am still on his bandwagon and hopes that he wins.

How did Mike do??

Karkula won by armbar in the first round. Impressive performance... took some heavy punches, but stayed with it and ended with a submission.

Awesome! He's a madman!

UHN TISSSSSS!! Congrats Mike!

Karkula looked really impressive...he had great poise and his defense was pretty slick and a great transition into that arm bar...was a pleasure to watch...kid's got a bright future...