Karl Gotch conditioning

Has anyone seen this video?
Karl Gotch basically goes over some bodyweight movements with this other guy demonstrating them.
I was wondering if anyone noticed "pushup" handles he used for handstand pushups as well as standard pushups.
I was wondering if anyone has seen these around, are they homemade? etc...


Haven't seen the video, but i have a pair of what you describe.


I was very lucky to get a copy, it's a treasure. In the video which was shot with a hand-cam, was for a student of Mr.Gotch. It was just for him but later released to the public.
In the various drill, there are wooden swing clubs, similiar to club bells. The handstand and push up handles are made from wood. They are more akin to paralettes. If you are not aware of those I can put you in the direction for building your own.
I wish the information was in DVD format to protect it. Mr. Gotch is a treasure.

I have a copy also. Some pretty cool exercises in it. He even has the guy climbing a rope upside down!

Most of the equipment he has was custom made for him.

A friend of mine trained with him personally and taped a video on "road work". It was never released I think it was for Gotch's personal collection. Too bad.

Wow, your friend trained with Mr. Gotch? Do you think he could offer some training related info or words of advice. That would be great and I am sure others would enjoy it.

I just watched the tape this afternoon again and it is just great.

Gotch is a freak when it comes to Bodyweight Exercises and belive me when you are able to do all the stuff on this tape you don´t need any weights to get stronger.

Take care

Now that Gotch has apparently ended his association with Matt Furey, it would be neat if some enterprising reporter would go down to Florida and interview him.

The guy seems to have a wealth of information on conditioning and wrestling. I'd love to learn more about his ideas, without having them filtered through Furey.

I'm sure Karl will accept the interview if big bucks are flashed in his face. I have never been a Matt Furey fan but I often wonder if Karl used him just for the purpose of getting his hip surgery. It seems like Karl took off shortly after getting his hips replaced.

I thought Gotch had already had the surgery at the time of his first meeting with Furey?

Gotch got the surgery after meeting Furey.

My buddy trained with him a few hours a day for a couple months. He was in great shape. Gotch knows his stuff. Some of the wrestling techs were a bit sketchy but some stuff was really good, alot of fine details.

My impression of him from the handful of people I know who trained with him is that he isn't very friendly and is a bitter angry old man. I have never met him personally so my impression is strictly 2nd and 3rd hand. Good luck with the interview.