Karl Malone Goes Undercover to Prank Anthony Davis

This one made me smile.

Good, but it would have been even better if Karl challenged the guy to a game of 1v1 before he knew he was, then blew by him right awy, THEN revealed who he was.

Rhymenoceros - Karl Malone and John Stockton are two of the weirdest dudes to ever play in the NBA. Stockton never wore anything but an Izod polo, and after his playing days moved back to Spokane in a house near his parents. Malone bought a semi-truck and drover it around in the off season as a "professional" trucker.

What's so weird about all that?  Stockton was a preppy guy who loved his family, Malone just wanted to make a little coin in the off season, and loved driving?

That was pretty cool. Malone seemed like a funny ass dude 


This one is good too.

Siciliano di Brooklyn - https://youtu.be/axkik-8oFTs

This one is good too.