Karl Tanswells UK forum invasion

It seems that some people who have no clue to aliveness are coming into Karl Tanswell's new UK forum and making all types of spuruous claims
in a topic about Hock Hochheim coming to the UK:



Here is Hock Hochheim on aliveness and dead patterns as was posted on that board:

"Just because you teach basic drills to beginners, doesn't mean you are committing some kind of sin of "perpetrating dead patterns." Experts forget what its like in the beginning of training. I am also bored with the blather of the people saying they don't "do drills," and then in the next minute start teaching...A DRILL! Oh, they call it something else. But it's still a drill. And it winds up being as dead or alive as anybody's else's drill, depending upon the skill level and development of the student. All become "dead" when a level of expertise is achieved. Then you retain the drill as an instructor to use for new folks."

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the forum or Tanswell and make no claims of such.


I read the thread, in all honesty I have never seen what he does, watched a class, or watched a video, so I am not qualified to comment on his material.

I have no problems discussing training methods in general, as I am sure you have noticed. But speaking about specific Instructors is not needed, or usualy beneficial.

Your best bet is to speak strictly about training.

As I have not seen "his" specific training, I wouldn't comment beyond what I have already written regarding Aliveness, and training methods. I believe the other SBGi Instructors feel the same way, so that is why I doubt anyone would really comment on that thread.

I'll be back in the UK next Month so I hope to see you there.

-Matt Thornton

Several years ago I went to one of his seminars. He had a very nice Gi. Beyond that I have no comment.

I've been training Hock's material since around 2001 and I have to say that it has never seemed to be a waste of my time. Last Novemeber I had the oppertunity to take part in a 4 day camp he was offering. The camp was attended by mainly LEOs and military members; many of which had experience with the SBG and its outlook on training. I dont know of one of them, to include myself, that had anything negative to say about the material being taught or the manner in which it was being conveyed.

That thread on Karl's forum reminded me somewhat of views that have been expressed on the UG about Hock and his material. All too often the views expressed stem from people that have simply looked at a magazine article or two or have scanned his website and drawn there own conclusions as to what is taught, its purpose, and the manner in which the material is passed on.

Of course not everyone is going to like the material or agree with it, that is simply human nature. For me though, I have no qualms in recommending it to others.