Sorry for the late notice. I was told to post this last week. All of Wagnney's friends and students are welcome to join the party.
Food and drinks will be on the menu and there should be promotions and guys just hanging around eating like pigs. Those who came last year know that Wagnney cooks the food himself and it was great!!

$20 a person all you can eat and drink. The party starts at 6:00 and a map to the club can be found at wagnneyfabiano.com

come join us!!

We will be there:)



I'll be there. I'm gonna start the party early around 4:20 ;)

anyone getting promoted want a cigar? Let me know and I'll bring some to celebrate.

Two years in a row I'm not in town for this party...:(

Next year Joe.

Joe you should ask them to let you know earlier so you can change your plans to be there next year.

I will be there as I am driving Leo Santos down from Montreal, is he as good as $20?

I'll be outside the window breathing heavily on the glass.

Sled Dog, Leo is priceless, but I think its still $20 at the door. Do not forget to bring the NagA footage of Wagnney and Brent, plus any additonal Wagnney fights you may have.

OK, OK !! Sorry about the late notice. But I work a demanding, fast based job. So at times I forgot things that are a little less important then me getting paid every two week.

Sleddog hold Leo hostage !!! And I am sure Wagnney will waive the $20. LOL see yaa there!

Not funny Dom.

Dougie we will still charge you for that, so you might as well come in and have some food.

Woo hoo!

Would have loved to make it down but unfortunately it isn't possible! Tell Wagney I say hi and to all my Nova Uniao family, have a good time!


Will do Wade.

kask or nextpenn, would one of you 2 e-mail me at dougee@canada.com when you get a chance? Thanx!

DougieĀ® you got mail.