Karo a black belt in BJJ?

in the ads for Karo Parysian's new book with Victory Belt press, they say he has black belts in both judo and BJJ.

anybody know if this is true, and if so, who gave it to him?

I would think he is EASILY the equivalent. Be interesting to know if he is.

I don't doubt he has serious submission skills. Just curious about whether or not someone awarded him a BJJ black belt.

Lets say he is a top US Judo guy.. Judo has some depth to Newaza... I doubt it would take him long to get to bb with some instruction.... and you know the guy had a good fight with Serra on the floor so I think he is legit.

700 views and nobody knows anything....hmmm.

I believe it was Andre who trained with him in the past, and he said that he rolls at the blackbelt level.

I spoke to him at training last night and he told me he has been studying
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Grand Master Shen and was awarded his Black Belt
by the Grand Master Himself (by email) after 3650 Electronic hours of
Personal Tuition.

The Grand Master is now working closely with Karo's cousin Manny who is
studying hard although Shen feels it will take a little longer for him to get
up to Black Belt level because he doesn't have a Broad Band link yet.

so perhaps the admen were a little too loose with their facts again

CGJJ - 3650 hrs of tuition?!?! Wow, that must make him at least a 3 degree BB under Mestre Shen!!

Karo trained a lot with Gokor and Gene Lebell who focus a lot on the ground, not only on standup. Karo described himself as more of a submission guy than a stand up fighter. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't roll at a black belt level, though I don't think he has been awarded a BJJ black belt from anyone.


Karo has cross-trained with Machado brothers and now trains in a gym that has BJJ instructor helping pro fighters.

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