KARO is a cry baby (proof)

"Oh, we considered Jon versus Karo from the start," said Joe Silva. "While Karo didn't exactly ask us not to put him up against Fitch, he did ask for someone less likely to beat him."

An angry Karo Parisyan responded to our inquiries by saying "Hey, just because I'm avoiding the Fitch fight doesn't mean I'm ducking him. I'd be happy to kick his ass, any day, any time. Except right now or before I get my title shot."



If Karo is in line for a title shot, fighting Fitch now would be a good way to screw that title shot up. Good move by Karo.

i don't have a problem with him managing his career interests. it's not like he hasn't paid his dues fighting some of the toughest cometition

arent those quotes are from a fake article?

Wow, if that is in fact true, that's horrible!  Hughes had a guaranteed shot against Serra, but him and GSP stepped up on short notice to save a PPV.  Some people can take the Heat and some people get out of the kitchen.


Seems like a logical thing to do. I just hate the idea of someone ducking a fighter to not screw up a title shot. I feel like it's almost saying "I want to be known as the best in my weightclass, but I don't want to fight someone who might prove that I'm not the best." Politics are a bitch.

Fitch if he beats Wilson is a more qualified number one contender; bottom line.

Karo's a BITCH!

Fitch is on the longer winning streak, ranked higher than Karo and beat Diego whereas Karo lost to Diego. I like Karo too but if they both win their next fights, Fitch is slightly ahead of Karo for that Title shot. Almost forgot Karo essentially turned down a fight with Fitch.

Dude who cares what karo has to say, I trust Silva. Karo tried to act all hard and bitch out diaz but nate wasnt having any of that. He acts tough with Diaz, but wont step up and fight Fitch

"I just hate the idea of someone ducking a fighter to not screw up a title shot."

I normally agree but Karo has had circumstances screw him out of a title shot long enough that I have to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

i cant fault a guy for trying to look out for his career. he understands it
could be a really bad match up and doesnt want to screw up a title shot
by possibly taking a bad fight.

besides, if he wins, then odds are he has to fight fitch for the title, if he
loses, fitch gets a title shot, if they both lose, then maybe they fight each
other next, not seeing a down side here.

lol that guy


"and for the record Karo has fought way better fighters overall since he has been in the UFc than fitch"

Fitch has fought just as high quality guys and the big difference is he beat them all and decisively. Karo got his title shot by beating Serra 2 years ago when the division was thin. Since then he has only beaten 1 top ten guy and lost to Diego. Karo should not be the next to get a title shot it should be Fitch.

I hope Alves wrecks Karo!

like karo but that sounds like a back to a fight

None of the Karo worshippers believed me when I said Fitch's camp was PRESSING Silva to make this fight happen...   Where you at now?

lol at quoting that article, bro!