Karo vs Koscheck At 68

Rumored to be on...Who takes this?

I hope Karo, but Blanket may be able to hug the shit out of him. I think Karo is savvy enough to handle Koscheck on the ground. If Karo's conditioning is good, he can win this - If not, Koscheck can get the decision out of him with a strong last round.

This is the fight that stands out on that card for me...Should be a good technical battle..If Koscheck takes this, it will be a very impressive win.

I hope this fight makes the final card.

Also Swick vs Okami should make for a nice Swick highlight reel...

What? Kos is not fighting some unheard of tomato can? Oh my golly!

"What? Kos is not fighting some unheard of tomato can? Oh my golly!"

In fairness, Koscheck has hardly been fighting cans. Joslin and Fickett are both super tough and very skilled.

Rambo I know what you are saying and I respect Goulet and Joslin, but you will never convince me those guys were not selected with the intention of giving Kos a win. UFC got the results they were looking for.

That's PRIDE that's at 90% Rambo...The UFC is only at around 73%.

I'm intrigued as to who's the better guy standing, actually. A month ago I'd have said Koscheck could keep this on the feet and simply using a stiff jab and straight punches he could beat Karo, but then Karo's hands looked so much better against Fickett, so I don't know. Could be a hell of a fight. Fuck the Koscheck haters.

Koscheck is talented, you can't deny that - He bugs the shit out of me however.

^ Me to...It's that curly fag hair do, and the sarcastic/Cocky smirk he always has on his face...But if he gets a win over Karo, it could change the way people think about him...Karo is no joke.

see gsp vs karo

I smell a Kimura coming...from the stand up...

"Karo's slick on the ground, but I think Josh's top control is too good, and he's decent enough to avoid anything Karo could feed him off his back."

This is likely, but I would say that GSP is a HELL of a lot harder to catch in a sub when he's on top of you and Karo came VERY VERY close to catching GSP.

Man, another painful fight for Karo. I love watching him fight but this going to look like the Diego fight, with more elbows to his face though.

Mark my words, If this fight goes down in March Karo will make Kos cry uncle.

I think KOS wins this fight, period.

my only misgiving is that i think Karo's cheek is still going to be really weak from the last cut he took and i'd hate to see him, or anybody, lose from a blood stoppage simply becuase they were not given enough time to heal properly.

Karo by a mile!!!!!!

Kos is going to get tapped

this could be the fight that makes me buy an otherwise unwatchable PPV.

where's your source??????

To everyone picking KOS consider this...

1) KOS has never defeated a ranked fighter.

2) Joslin made KOS look silly on his feet.

3) Karo is younger yet he has 5 years more MMA experience.