Karo was a bitch

Thats all

sorry didnt see it posted already but thx for agreeing with me

You should change your screen name to SelfTalk imo.

hey I'll bs with myself all day on here.

Whats up with Karo demanding Nick come talk to him and then when he doesnt he starts talking shit? Your not his dad Karo, he doesnt have to do shit you say.

"Maybe I'll see him outside" lol what a tool

As a judo guy I want to root for him. However in his recent interviews, he has displayed a lot of arrogance. I particularly dislike him saying he "fuckin destroyed" a guy, when he won by split decision. He needs to be taken down a peg.

KAro was totally doing the big brother/bully thing to Nate, and was bitching at everyone before that.

Karo lost a fan here. "

I am a fan, I love watching him fight, but dont like the attitude, of course, there is a little thing called hype.

Maybe if Diaz had a decent IQ he wouldn't have a chip on his shoulder all the time. Maybe when he matures he will smarten up a bit.

Or maybe he just doesn't like someone standing over him, grabbing the back of his neck, shoving his face, and then bumping him into the wall when he tried to get up and walk away.

I really like Karo as a fighter, but he has always been really cocky and the way he treated Diaz by even touching him repeatedly was uncalled for.

Last week without knowing the facts, I was quick to defend Karo. But Karo was definitely in the wrong.

Diaz aint no bitch

lol at how bout that...

if he comes near me i'm throwing down..

Nate is an oversensitive little prick.

typical loud mouth ARMO.

That was awful. He lost another fan here... not for the conflict itself, but when he said, "Do you know me? Do you know who I am?!" What an arrogant prick.

Even worse, this was in the locker room after the fight won by his cousin's team. These guys deserved their celebration; instead he starts a fight with his cousin's friend. Complete buzz-kill assholery.

I don't care if Nate is oversensitive, Karo should have backed down in that situation. This is Nate and Manny's show, not his.

ttt for stockton