Karo's already there

Did anyone else notice Karo in the background when Melendez is smashed up against the fence? I got it paused right now at 2:14 of the 2nd round and you can see him. I know they said he comes as a guest host on the next show, but I guess he was already there.

Some sequences in the show aren't shown chronologically. For example, when they showed Gray and BJ sparring this week, you can see Monstah Lobsta sparring in the background and he was kicked out in last week's show. Karo was also shown in cageside in last week's fight.


Yea, I've seen Karo a couple times

WOW! Good catch. That really puts a wrench into how real the reality show is.

you could see him at the fight episode last week too.

Watch again

If you watch last weeks show Brandons hands where taped for his fight. While they whee getting cole out of the cage