Does he teach in Japan? Where? Is it possible to take classes from him? Or does he only teach high level competitive judokas? I'd kill to get a lesson with him...

I think there are some guys from this forum who trained there.

They'll be here shortly.

He is the coach at Budo University in Japan. I am pretty sure he doesn't give privates. There is a foreign student program that goes on there that a couple of my team mates have gone on. It's a one year program that let's you get college credit and practice with the team there.

thr program that john speaks of is great if you already have enough judo to not get yourself killed. if you arent a young buck and competitive judoka on a national level that id say its a program youd want to avoid.

the guys on our team who went improved a lot, but also said it was a hard program to go through and that the nightly training was really intense.