kasum is terrible

PLEASE, fire this chick she is absolutely terrible. A total waste when it comes to doing interviews, she has no idea what she is doing. Dead air seems to be her niche because there is a lot of it when it comes to her interviews. She has no skills what so ever she isn't even all that to look at, shite get jenna jameson in there she can do a better job and has hosted real shows on E and other networks.

fu fag


LMAO I'm a fag because I would prefer jenna jameson who has hosting and interview experience for real networks on major tv over some terrible amatuer who spends more time going woo hoo and YEAH! Then doing her job? It's not like I said I wanted some guy in there, I said hire a good looking woman who can do the job with some competance.

I don't know if you will understand all of this after your last well thought out answer from misreading my post.

Cursing usually is the recourse of a weak and feeble mind.

fu fag= fuck you fag

kerri kasem is hot and she is way better than jenna jameson

nuff said

  • she does bjj and bj's!


She is better than jenna at interviewing people? Hardly, jenna has been on major network tv, kasem does the ufc and does so poorly.

As for her doing bjj, so what? Does it help her interview the fighters better? NO! As for her bjs, you dream of knowing LMAO. I would bet Jenna is better at it anyways more practice by a long stretch for jenna.

ok as for blow jobs you are correct sir