KATA Any Representatives here?

I did my free week with them 2 weeks ago. And i was never told any prices or anything. The one guy greg just told me you pay a one month fee to train any art you want but that was it. If theres any reps here could you email me the monthly cost please.


I want to start trainin ASAP i was sick all last week and this week and am looking forward to training sometiem next week.


call 905 804 8158 ask for linda or joey

Pain, does DJ still teach Muay Thai there?

yeah wednesdays

Hey I just read you guys are getting Eric Paulson
there in January, why don't you advertise it to
the local grappling community?


The dude told me it was 65 bucks or something like that per month, as many classes as u can handle.


I asked Joey and he said he reserves spots for KATA members since there is limited space. If there is any room left over he will allow any outsiders to join. Paulson last visited the gym earlier this year and it was booked solid.

Try calling Joey to see what the status is.

KATA is a great place to train and study. I've just started there for only about a month and half but I've been very impressed with the level of teachings. Scott Schilling is a fantastic BJJ instructor and breaks everything down like a science. I've checked a few places in Toronto but I definately would recommend KATA...especially if you're in Mississauga. Not to mention that you can train JKD with Sifu Joey who is also very talented and impressive. For all that you get there, $65 is gravy.

Danny Lee

65? thats it? that is pretty good! The other club im thinking of goin to is 78 (elitekombat), their closer though.. so with gas and everythign there probablly about the same maybe cheaper.

Hey guys, the monthly fee is $75. You get to train as much as you want,all day every day if you wish. Go to www.kombatarts.com for more information. Click on instructors then on Scott Schilling to see my Bio. If you deside to sign up please tell them I sent you.
Please call me at (905)847-2652 or e-mail scottschilling@cogeco.ca
Hybrid Defense Systems

hey scott, im one of the newbie guys who came in two weeks ago (myself and my friend adam). I was wondering if that was how you always ran the bjj class, like street defence oriented... or??

The areas of jiu-jitsu that are coverd in class are self defense,throws and takedowns and ground techniques.


thanks man, see you soon!

scott or whoever - when do classes start up again?

Tues Dec 23rd 8-9:30 Christmas Class!
Tues Dec 30th 8-9:30
Normal class schedule resumes Jan 3rd 2004
see www.kombatart.com for more information


You stated:
The areas of jiu-jitsu that are coverd in class are self defense,throws and takedowns and ground techniques

My question:
In your ground techniques portion of class do you guys spend considerable time rolling? Just wondering how extensive the ground game is?

Merry xmas.

Tue/Th Class is from 8-9:30. We roll from 9-9:30. Extra rolling from 9:30-10, but it is dependent on when the owner wants to go home.

Merry Christmas.

If I may add something here. I'd like to say that Joey is by far one of the most dangerous men I know.
I don't know what his sport ju-jitsu/mma game is like , but he would be on my short list of guys I want next to me when the shit goes down.