Katlyn Chookagian vs. Amanda Ribas

Go watch Judo or wrestling this aint your sport boy

This division is complete fucking shit. Move it to invicta

Up a weight class with ample sweater meet, probably gave away 15 lbs tonight, I would’ve given Ribas the nod.

I want to give her the rod.

I think Ribas won. But I hate how some teams convince their fighters that they can strike when they really cannot. They both need a lot more work.

In WMMA there is such a large gap between the top 3 and everyone else. Although, KC is #2


I don’t know what is going on here but that was a great fight. Kaitlyn did more damage.


Where the fuck is Ribas’ striking? She’s had plenty of time to develop

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Mildly entertaining at best

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I first to Kaitlyn because Amanda had shorter control time and not much damage, as soon as they were standing Chook was fucking her up. In the second Amanda controlled almost the whole round so she had to take that one. Kaitlyn pretty much pieced her up the entire third round. So yeah I’d score it 29-28 for Chook

The last two minutes ribas is screaming like a psycho while throwing big shots

Chook joins in and they trade up until the bell

Entertaining fight

I do agree with that.


I thought Ribas won. Chook punches a lot air while grunting similar to Holms.

Either way I could have done without that fight.

Plus Chook has a long face like Sarah Jessica Parker…and that bothers me.


That’s what pisses me off, they just took $50k out of Grant and Smolka’s pocket for WMMA hot garbage…