Katsudon is better than Sushi

Ha that’s the real answer. Start with some sushi & end with some katsudon. Couple beers to keep things right.


we all need to get lives.



Living in America doesnt make you American, your people contributed nothing to America

on both sides my great great great etc grandfathers fought in the revolutionary war. i’m american as fuck. so my opinion matters the most.

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Youre American and a gronk

instead of using stupid words ill just call you a faggot.

you faggot.



I support American, REAL Americans not bandwagon jumpers from the asshole of asia

as long as they believe in and respect our constitution. we’ll take anyone from anywhere. if you don’t fak off.

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He’s a second or third generation immigrant to his own country with some major identity issues, i don’t hold that against him. Just his being a fucking idiot in general.

Edit: forced immigrant, i know that fucks with people. My own family has people that were put in camps after serving in the military in our OWN country. Can’t imagine being shipped over seas.

if he was funnier he’d be less annoying.

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Here dumbass. Tell me how you’d be ‘doxxing’ yourself with some foodie pics.

Wtf do Bogans even cook? Post something

That’s back to like xmas. Pick a cuisine and I’ll scroll back further


First fleet Irish on mamma’s side,keep making shit up tho chomo

Tell us about the great contributions your people have made to America. Ill be waiting and waiting and waiting lol

I dont save food pics on my phone like an Asian race cuck like you. You even have pics of yourself from 20 years ago. Lol


Can I come over for dinner?

Great food

Great conversation

No fucking ants that will kill you

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Fuckers ate people during WW2. I’m sure you’ll be going on how cool human flesh is. Why don’t you go murder some whales while you’re at it too?

I always come home eventually. Let’s fucking hang next time. I’m serial, I’ll do that. Axe about on here if you like

Yes you were by Mexican, Japanese and American masters

Post some bargirl cuisine your mother would regularly cook

Everything you posted was from culinary advanced cultures not bargirl philippinos