Katt Williams wants us to give Joe Biden a break

Oh ok

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Kat Williams is legit funny but this topic is so pathetic and something to be so ashamed of I cant seem to laugh “Joe Biden is 98yrs old…bla bla bla”

Is this the bit where he keeps increasing Biden’s age?

Kinda funny, I guess.

He went nuts and got his ass kicked by a third grader


I abandoned ship after about 25 seconds.

Old ass leprechaun, wearing tight leather skinny pants with stars on them, and he says:

“The fuck’s wrong witchu pipo…? Who raised you…?”

Yeah, its a goto for him to say and I haven’t seen his standup since the Green coat…Michael Jackson, Weed, Iraqi Army set. ha!

The only thing funny about that was Katt’s outfit. What kind of 50 year old man would wear that bullshit?

He was only "going off the rails " because he was open about the amount of ass piracy in black hollywood and hollywood in general .looks like the reigned him in

Katt and Hunter have the same crack dealer so he is just looking out.