Kaufman fights at Invicta FC 5 + 2 title bouts

"According to company president Shannon Knapp, Kaufman is set to compete at the date (April).

An opponent was not named for Kaufman, who is 15-2 in her career.

The event will also feature two title fights. The first will feature the promotion's inaugural flyweight championship, as Vanessa Porto and Barb Honchak are matched together.

Atomweight champion Jessica Penne will attempt to defend her championship on the card, although her opponent remains to be determined. Penne earned the title at Invicta FC 3, when she submitted Naho Sugiyama."


Michelle Waterson seems like the obvious choice to face Penne. There are several credible opponents, but Waterson is easily the most marketable and she has a win at Invicta 3. The only other people even in this conversation are Kikuyo Ishikawa, who has a recent loss to Naho Sugiyama (who just lost to Penne), and Lisa Ellis-Ward, who has a loss to Penne at Strawweight. They should book Waterson against Penne and book Lisa Ellis-Ward vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc in case Waterson gets innjured.

Hopefully they can figure out the Bantamweight title picture soon too, for Invicta 6 maybe. I'm assuming Alexis Davis is being retained by Zuffa, otherwise Davis vs Leslie Smith would work.

I'm thinking they're gonna go with Waterson, as well. just makes sense.

As for Alexis Davis, you just know she's gonna get the next shot at Ronda. Makes sense, as well. For those who aren't familiar with Davis, here's a photo of her bout last night, just after choking out Shayna Baszler:

Proves that UFC is not serious about even doing a watered down women's division. Phone Post

In all sincerity I hope they figure out the viewing options.... outstanding fights but the viewing options have a few bugs

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman - 

And it's Pene Phone Post

Jessica Dick, huh?

Fuck was expecting Andy



I really hope I can actually give them my 8 bucks this time !

Already shaping up to be a good show.

Vanessa Porto will finally be getting the attention she deserves. She has been gone unrecognized in Brazil for too long. American fans will love her style Phone Post


I say a lot of things about Invicta, but I got to give them credit for the fact that they always get their fight cards together well in advance.