Kayala's win in PLF.

No surprise her strategy.  Use her world class judo skills and take the opponent to the ground for heavy strikes.  Not get caught with a stand up punch  She rolled her ankle in the 2nd round and that made her strategy all important.  I wondered why she didn't try any arm submission attempts.  I could she her setting it up, the far arm from side mount but instead she went to full mount.  Must have been the injury which made her cautious in the fight.  She usually is more aggresive.

Yeah I was suprised at that also although truthfully I didn't see that much of it. I am suprised she didn't do more damage myself.  She caught a knee at one point. I had to point out to guys on the Underground she did better in Judo than Rhonda did. I am not sure what the comparisons are for. I did a whole 2 hours seminar in 2017 on the armbar with Kayla. She is impressive as an athelete.

Kayle is much more physical that Rhonda.  More aggresive.  Have to be to #1 in judo at Her weight class(-78k).  She can't be out physicaled.  S how can your beat her.  A punch/kick to the head maybe.  Will she end up in the UFC?

Yeah. She will be tough to beat. Her standup didn't look too bad. It will probably take a punch, kick, or knee to take her out.

Here striking isn't band In my previous martial arts career ( 21 years in ITF TKD) I saw a lot of people that didn't look half as good as her. All this talk about cyborg is crazy.  Most women are intimidated by Judo in MMA and all of MMA because it translates well.



Thanks Aaron. I think she rolled her ankle at the 12:25 mark. Awkward movement in the exchange when she got reversed.

Only thing I don't like is the pace.  I would have stopped that fight multiple times as nothing was happening?  They don't want to engage as they are not comfortable striking, it becomes a waste of energy.   I can tell they don't like to kick (which takes years to develop the distance) When Kayla got that Koshi-Garuma type throw at the end I though she was going to try a kata-gatame.