Kayslay rolling 110 deep

Holy shit


This is 40 straight minutes of every rapper ever… going in on the same beat. Quite an accomplishment

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Thanks for posting will check it later

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" we drink 40 oz’s of olde english to ease the pain.
Yall niggas drink white claws…
Nigga we aint the same"


Even shaq has a verse

aka Slap Your Favorite DJ!

Redman probably IS the GOAT rapper at rapping.
Its hard to deny

i’ve heard of maybe 5 of these people.

holy shit doe. melle mel is 60… fuck! dudes physique looks like hes a 30 y/o body builder

Yeah melly is that rare old man you prob dont want to fuck with

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Ghost Face is hella black face.

Was that a fencining mask? Seemed a bit much

Pretty cool. There’s a lot of guys I would’ve like to seen in it that weren’t, and a lot of guys I could’ve done without.

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Is it because there 110 of them in this video? I’m only like 6 minutes in.

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The last half is a lot of fossils and weirdos

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He’s maybe pushing 5 ft tall at most, unless I’m mistaken

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That’s a long video. It’s great that they were able to get all these people on it though.

Didnt willie D KO’d him easily in their boxing match.

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Probably. Willy D has some of hip hops best hands