Kazaa lite Question

Hubby is downloading X-men 2 for past couple of hours and for some reason when I go to search for an artist, any artist it says search without results. am I blocked from them? What do you think it could be?

did you switch between video and audio for the searches?

Helps to restart kazaa sometimes too.

Yeah, for example I did a search on Miles Davis under artist and it said no search results... weird, yeah I think ill try and restart the whole computer.

There's gotta be a better downloading movies and stuff site, when the xmen2 thing completed, it turned out to be "Orange County". fuckers...



Then download a good bittorrent client (watch out for upload limits on your fast internet account if you have one and free up some ports ... 6881 off the top of my head but I forget, if you have a firewall).


awesome torrent client, easy to use and configure

Thank you gentlemen :-)