KB or MT footwork for 1-2 combo

I asked this question on the boxing forum, but seems like they are more into fan stuff there than technique. Also, probably kickboxer's answer or MT answer might be different?

Anyhow (assuming orthodox stance):

What is the ideal footwork for the entire combination, including the jab?

I'm confused about what happens in terms of footwork from the transition from jab to straight right. I understand the turn of the foot, but I'm having problems understanding what happens between the step forward for the jab and the pivot on the right foot.

Is the right foot sliding forward *before* it sets and pivots, to throw the right hand?

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It kinda depends...

Ideally, assuming you are standing in a left-hand lead (orthodox) stance, your right foot should NOT slide before you pivot for your cross. If your foot starts to slide forward, it makes it harder to "sit down" on your punch, so you will lose power.

However, you don't always have ideal situations. Your opponent will typically be moving around or away from you, so for your cross to reach, you may need to slide in a little.

Thanks Khun Kao.

Just to make sure I understand you, in the ideal example:

- Let's say my opponent and I are boxing each other from the outside.

- I have just jab stepped from distance, into range, and have thrown the jab

At this point, although my feet are a little further apart than is ideal for balance, I still merely pivot to throw the right, without any further movement?

Thanks again - I just want to be sure I understand.

Part of the reason I ask is that I've just changed over from boxing with a friend to formal MT instruction, and my new MT instructor was encouraging me to slide with the right foot following the jab, as a habit, and then I wasn't clear on what he was telling me in terms of working that into the footwork for a 1-2 combination.

He really seemed to be telling me to throw the 2, when following the jab quickly, off a sliding right foot. This is why I'm confused.

If it is a factor at all, in terms of different answers for different fighting styles, I'm short at 5' 7", but heavy (235 lb, eventually will cut to about 205), and I have good natural power.

(fwiw, not trying to get you to step between my instructor and myself, Khun Kao, just trying to get a second opinion)

Studied Juan Manuel Marquez (featherw boxer) against Derek Gainer a little bit, yesterday, before my workout. He definitely does slide the back foot to reset it before pivoting on the back foot to throw the right hand, although the reset with the back step is virtually simultaneous with his jab step.

I don't know if I can do that, because of the agility required, without losing ALOT of weight.

Still looking for more input here.

Got some good help on the boxing forum. Different response from here, but makes alot of sense:



Sorry for the delay in my response, I don't get to view and post as often these days....

In the scenario you described above after my post, I would say: CORRECT! Ideally, you want to step with your Jab, then pivot with your back foot into the CROSS without your foot sliding.

However, I need to clarify. Boxing is not a punching "style", just like Muay Thai is not a striking "style". Boxing and Muay Thai are sports that literally have hundreds of individual "styles" to striking. So, when I tell you that "ideally", you do not want to slide your rear foot to throw the Cross, that is in reference to the style/s of boxing that I have trained in.

To further clarify, I used to be trained to slide my rear foot with the Cross. But my most recent Boxing Coach has taught me a new style of developing power in my punches, which is to "sit down" on my Cross rather than slide the foot.

I just read the response on the Boxing Forum, and the advice is very similar, though slightly different.

I also was just reviewing my technique (shadowboxing) and need to make further clarifications. It depends on what version of the cross I am throwing.

I have been taught to throw the close-range (bent arm) Cross by sitting down on the punch. But as I bend my knee to sit down on the punch, my rear foot DOES slide in a little bit.

However, when I throw the long range Cross, I straighten both legs and merely pivot on the punch. I do NOT slide in with it.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, KK. I think I have a pretty good idea of how the boxing area tips and those you gave dovetail.

Much appreciated - thanks again.