KC should be proud!!!

KC is becoming another hot bed of mma talent in the midwest. Even though we are severely handicaped by the state not allowing us to do pro mma we still can support our fighters here in town. Guys like Nick Nyguen, Bobby Voelker,Cisco Guerra, Oscar Montinegro, Tommy Eblen, Travis Phippen, Billy Carey and more left it all in the cage friday. You guys put on a great show and the KC crowd is supporting you guys like crazy. MMA will be up there with boxing real soon in this town. It seems that the fights keep getting better every time. Guys are trainning harder than ever before and the skill level keeps going up. Look to see more fighters coming in from out of town to challenge the best we have in KC. The cage was a huge success. It raised the intesity of the fights big time. Check out www.adrenalineextremecombat.com for the latest pics and hopefully video comming soon. KC is starting to break through and the talent here is just getting better. See you at the next event.



I was born and raised in Kansas City, but now attend Boston College but I trained with Nick Nguyen and have watched Montenegro fight many times. What event was this and what were the full results if you have them? I need to give Nick a call, last I checked he was a straight kickboxer....

But anyway, I agree with the post. KC, midwest, representin!


It was a hugh success?


I fought in the AEC show last January in Kansas City. I flew in from Dallas to do a sub match against Mike Wagoner. Chad told me his trainer said he could go fight anybody.
I am 41yrs old and have been training BJJ for a year at that time. I had done two NHB fights in Ft. Wayne a few months before. (0-2)
Obviously Wagoner was in his early twenties, looked game (ears) and had more experience than me. If I didn't figure that before going to fight, I would be an idiot. We had about a 9 1/2 minute match (10 min round) He caught me in a keylock after I left my arm exposed. I was immidiately thrilled to have done so well against a tough opponent.
Chad and I had negotiated a couple of tee-shirts for me for coming up to fight.(I flew for free) After the show I got my shirts and kind words from Chad. TTT for AEC and for Chad . At this level ya just need to get in there and fight. I didn't see any politics or gross mismatches....Choice was mine to fight.


ttt for KC MMA!! Great show guys!

krundle, email me when you get time.


Heh still no help for the former KCer?


Krundle...you freakin' rocked in that match. you actually were one of the guys most talked about because you were in such good shape. (wish I was that cut)Your welcome to come back and do whatever you want anytime ...just let me know. Nick fought a very tight match and I believe ended up submitting his guy. Nick is a real cool guy and fights hard!

Hey Jeff...call me ...Dave said you took off with all the result sheets...hugh success? HUGE success...have you been hit in the head to many times...lol...ttt for ISCF!

This is Nick Nguyen


Who are you? Are you John?

Hehe yes though I'm still a Muay Thai guy but I took this fight at AEC as my first MMA fight. I still have a lot to learn as I thought I was going to stay standing up but ended on the ground going for submissions. Still working to get to that comfort zone where standup and ground works together I guess. But considering it went well I wouldn't mind trying more MMA matches. As for results I'll do my best...

Bobby Voelker vs Billy Carey
Voelker by submission

Jason Johns vs Jason Shane
I don't know

Marshall Jackson vs Tommy Eblen
I don't know

Oscar Montinegro vs Zach McDonald
McDonald won by tapout to strikes

Nick Nguyen vs Lonnie "Bubba" Stewart
Nick Nguyen by submission R1 (toehold)

^^only one I can be sure to be accurate

Nick! Yeah, it's Jonathan.

Glad to hear of your continued success in the fighting world. You got AIM I'm hopin? If so shoot me a line, my screen name is MahogaNoggin.

Official results are up on the site





TTT- Sounds like a good show, best of luck in the future

thanks bagman...next show will be announced soon at adrenalineextremecombat.com