keep bubbling tourneys w/ overpair

This last week I have been running really poorly. Suckout after suckout in cash limit games.

Then I play 2 tourneys. First one was 19 man $100 entry, money at 4. 6 left and I raise 3-4bb with aces. One caller and the bb thinks about it for a while and calls. Flop 985 . Checks to me, I bet the pot, about 3k. Pot committed at this point. BB says all in. I have to call with over half my stack in. He flopped 2 pair, 95. Board never paired to save me.

THen I play the casino $165 tourney. 314 players, 34 left, money at 30.

Pocket Kings, Big stack in EP limps, I make it 16000. BLinds are at 4000. He thinks about it and calls. Flop qj9. Checks, I make it another 16k, he says all in. Now I have 32k of my 55k in the pot. I figure he has 2 pair, but if i fold I will be crippled and be fighting to make the money. I am getting 4:1 to call and figure I am behind, but have outs. Call. He has qj two pair flopped. Ace on turn. Now I have 12 outs, 3 aces, 2 kings, 3 9's and 4 10's. River a blank.


Back to back tourneys. If I would have hit I would have been sitting with about 120k with blinds at 4k.

Do you guys fold these? I knew I was behind but didnt have enough chips left to threaten for a top place finish if I fold. Dont think 22k is enough to play with with 2/4k blinds that will hit me in 3 hands.

Should I have pushed all inwith the kings to steal the blinds and the one limpers 4k? It seems like a good idea right before the money, but with a premium hand you want action, just dont figure someone will flop 2 underpairs on you.


Both of those are very standard hands. If you SERIOUSLY are thinking that you could have played them differently, you have a fundamental problem with your game. Crap like this is standard tournament stuff, and a big part mentally of handling tournaments swings is coming to grips with these lame spots where you lose your stack and theres nothing you can do about it.