Keep your head up Chris..

Chris I read your thread and I wanted to say keep your head up and you will get him next time. And when I get to go train with you I will teach you how to get off your back:)j/k. I really look forward to training with you in the near future. Thank you for your time..George

Chris, shit happens. You have no need to apologize to anyone. Keep working hard and I am sure good things will be the result. I have become a fan of yours not only from your aggresive submission style of fighting but from your attitude as well. Good luck with your future fights and schools.

Chris I am sure this will just make your next fight more exciting. You have learned from your previous losses and this will be no different as you are a true professional. I along with many others can't wait to see you back in the ring

Jason Darrah

I just watched the tape and it was the most boring fight I have ever watched I swear to god. I was so frustrated being a fast submission guy getting held like that.

Chris was the reffing unfair ? Should the ref have stood you guys up ?

Well I think we shuld have been stood up at least 5 times but that is just me. When they put me with someone that can knock me out I am sure we will get stood up plenty...

Well I hope they stop doing the Japan vs. thing and give you someone that will match up well for excitement it seems they don't have the best matchmaking abilities and if they don't change when they come to the U.S. they will flop

I wasn't screwed over. I lost.

Chris wrote on his "Still haven't learned" thread:

"It is getting really hard to tap guys from the bottom in NHB and especially in Pride"

I know that Eddie Bravo has been actively coming up with new techniques and strategies to attempt to remedy this situation. Have you ever considered talking to Eddie and see what the two of you could come up with? Or maybe you already know him. Sorry to say, I'm not too familiar with who knows who in this business.

Seeing guys (mostly Royce Gracie) submit bigger opponents from the bottom was one of the main reasons I started to dig MMA competitions. I'd like to see more of it again.

You also said you were thinking about learning more wrestling as you feel you are lacking in that aspect of your game. Whether or not that is true, these are the words of a winner and a champion, not a quitter. It shows that you are constantly thinking about how to become better at what you do. This is my motto in life, Chris and I really believe in such an attitude. It's the only way to live, in my opinion. Of course you feel bad about losing the fight, being a competetive human being, but hey, you win some, you lose some. So keep your head up, man, and good luck with your continued training.



The only problem I have with training with Eddie for this is that Eddie has never been in a fight before where someone is throwing punches at you. I know he has good stuff but even when you have someone throwing punches at you in class, it is NOTHING like someone throwing punches at you in a fight. Thank you for the suggestion and I will still be trying to sub guys from the bottom (I always have done it before) but I will also be working on my wrestling and getting up more importantly. Thanks again.


How about working your omoplata sweep to a new and different level? I recently realized that omoplata is really one of the best ways (for me at least at the moment) to get on top. It's also harder to get hit from it compared to many other sweeps.

What I mean by omoplata sweep, by the way, is begin with attacking with omoplata and underhook his leg when he tries stepping over you. You then roll both of you towards the arm you're attacking and end up on top - not unlikely in reverse scarf hold.

Sorry, I'm bored at the moment and don't have anything better and more stupid to do than to give suggestions to a black belt ;) Cheers, man.

I agreee bro. I use the Uma Plat more for sweeps these days than subs but I had my foot flat on my chest and couln't get his head off my chest to set it up. He kept it burried in case I might hit him. I do agree with the Uma Plata sweep though. Keep em comin.

or chris why not make a stop by Raw and work a bit on your wrestling.

Well I would do that but I have heard Trigg doesn't like me so I don't want any problems in anyone else's school. I will be training with Team Quest for my next 2 fights on my Pride contract.

Don't know what the beef is with Trigg. I just heard he doesn't like me and like i said if someone doesn't like me the last place i would want a problem is in their school.