Keeping rank in judo.

Do you lose rank in judo for not playing in a while?


But sometimes you gain rank for not doing anything.

you can definitely lose rank for inactivity if you are ranked below black belt (ie. I am back to white now ;o)

You would think it is easier to make rokudan than shodan with all of these red and white belts floating around this country (USA). What a joke!

Money talks, Judodork.

Ben R.

Don'tget me started on this rank thing. These old guys are busy
promoting each other while making it very difficult to geta shodan
so that we can fill the BB divisions. Further we are not doing
enough to promote good fighting judo. I sat on a promation board
meeting a few years ago (ok longer) and they had these doorknobs
questioning whether to promote Liliko Ogasawara after her second
medal at the worlds because she had not been doing the Kata.

This is ridiculous considering 10 minutes earlier they promoted
some old guy who had never won anything to like 6th or
something, and a chick to Godan because she did Kata. Can you
tell kata means less than nothing to me and the way I teach? My
kids know most of the techniques but not in the same order, and
they shouldn't have to. What is more important doing a set group
of throws against someone who is being helpful or being able to
throw someone who is resisting?


I agree to a certain extent Dave. I remember when Brett Barron was recently put up for Godan and rejected by some putz Sandan because he stated that he had never heard of him before. For those of you that haven't heard of him, go to the USJudo website and look at the 2004 Olympic Coaching staff. Crazy Indeed.

With regard to Kata, I would disagree in that not all Judoka have the desire to enter shiai, yet derive tremendous benefits from this side of the art. My wife recently interviewed Keiko Fukuda, as she is writing a book on Asian female leaders. For those that have never met the woman, I highly recommend it as she (a 9th dan), a specialist in Kata, has some of the most inspirational insights to offer.


granted.. but, why the hell is the kata being forced on the rest of us?? we dont FORCE competition onto them. im of the opinion that if they want me to do the friggin kata then i want them to put on a gi and step onto the tatami with me for 5 minutes. fair. is. fair.


"dog, granted.. but, why the hell is the kata being forced on the rest of us?? we dont FORCE competition onto them. im of the opinion that if they want me to do the friggin kata then i want them to put on a gi and step onto the tatami with me for 5 minutes. fair. is. fair.

It's a tough call, Josh. Kata is a traditional part of Judo, something that can be of great value to anyone. For the elite competitor, less so, particularly when you are in the thick of competition for ana Olympic or World Team berth.

Honestly, though, you could probably do Nage No Kata with no problem. You only have to pass with a 70%, for crying out loud. Same for Katame No Kata.

However, for it to be of any value for you, you need a good teacher who understands what the kata means and how it is valuable. Most teach it as some sort of rote performance of techniques.

In that case, it's not worth you time, I would agree.

Ben Reinhardt

Sorry, I guess I missed that part Dave put in his post about Liliko getting questioned about her lack of kata. This is the point I agreed with Dave on, there are "doorknobs" doing the questioning on some of these so-called committees.

I really don't see the majority of us not getting promoted because of a lack of kata. I just got promoted and I have never done one kata in 32 years.

I just wasn't prepared to dismiss kata as quickly as Dave was, since I have seen how hard many work to perfect their techniques.


"Doorknob" is my new favorite word.

Way too many red & white doorknobs.

promotions are a sticky thing in my world.
ive been going hard as i possibly can in judo for all of my soon to be 18 years of training. im a sandan right now-- i think that is a very respectable rank for where i am and my results thus far. my paperwork for yodan has been submitted and it is now in the hands of the JI to accept it. I believe that with the signature of Mr. Uchida on it they will approve it, but what after that?

I'll be living and coaching in a state that I am not originally from. Surrounded by people who dont know me very well and certainly dont know my judo very well. any rank i ever get from this point forward is going to be based on what? my ability as a coach? for some reason, i doubt it.

doorknobs all around, indeed. i was looking at the list of people promoted at the last JI meeting. and i swear to god that i dont know 1/8th of the people who were given red and whites. maybe i am amiss, but after being around for 18 years of competition dont you think i'd know more of these people who are such great coaches? i mean, i cant even say if they have done anything in judo over the last decade.

maybe they need to publish the bios of those people who are getting national ranks. i know its a task to do, but i think it is the right way to do things.

its just odd to me.


Josh, I hear what you are saying and I would like to offer a couple comments. Promotions in most forms be it professional or athletic are not always "fair and balanced" and there isn't squat you can do about it...................accept........

Yes, please do get into coaching. It is one of the most rewarding and noble endeavors to me, one that should be taken seriously. Not everyone can coach despite most people's belief that if they were an elite player that automatically translates into being a great coach.

Coaching is an art and science all rolled into one that takes dedication (sometimes beyond what the players do) and preparation. Just having been there in competition and won whatever tournaments only means something if you know how to communicate that to a player.

I'll tell you, if you can take a group of kids that know zero judo, teach them, mold them, support them into national champions..........and good people!! you've succeeded. And I guarantee the judo community will take notice........probably with jealousy at first..........however, stay friendly to all and very professional and don't focus on promotions..............they will just come to you.

The rest of the butt lickers, don't spend your time and effort worrying about them or their promotions because you cannot control it. They will most likely only produce foot lint on their mats let alone national champions. But, they may also have some knowledge you can learn from, even if they haven't won squat.

The only reason I am even commenting to you is that I have been where you seem to be and the minute I gave up worrying about other people's accomplishments, I started achieving my own.

Peace, Love, and Scooby Snacks

The Dog

thanks for the comments. ill be sure to keep them in mind. =)


I have infected the forum. YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank Bruener BattleHammer
for the name and Tassoloff Burrfutt for being the orginal

Folks, I take nothing from kata (personally because they have
nothing to take) I don't care what they think they have
accomplished. But quite honestly these yoyo's have been forcing
their opinions about what judo is for far too long.

Ben, I know you do kata so don't take offense and Judo your wife
may do kata, but do you truly believe that the traditional aspect is
more powerful in the overall scheme of things. If they are truly
attacked could they really beat the crap out of someone - Hell no.
They have predescribed moves that are followed by a willing
partner. The reaction time and efforts of a true fighter are worth
more way more in my book.

Does kata help folks in teaching hell ya, but that is it. You want to
get the credit of a fighter and i mean a true fighter - not someone
that falls down and yells, and wins sorry ass divisions, I am talking
about someone that will launch you into the middle of next week,
then those are those who should be getting the big credit in
promotions. Folks that kiss ass and pay for their rank should be
much lower on the feeding chart. Those that have done nothing
for judo since they competed and walk in 20 years later should
have to give a bit before just being given rank (but still faster then

Resnick, you will never have to worry. Out here or anywhere else I
will always keep your back in the rank (and many other) issues and
if it means going in and pissing off some more traditionalist I am
there. I do it everyday anyway, for you it is an honor.

Think outside the box folks or we will be going the way of the
DooDoo as a sport.


That Judodog is a smart one.

And Josh in addtition - I live the role described almost daily and
you have seen it, but what keeps me going is not the pissing folks
off. It is doing what i think is right to help athletes develop and
live their dreams not live vicariously through them. I have seen
that so much more now that I am focused on kids it is
unbelievable. Everyone one of these kids is special and has been
introduces to Judo and the discipline involved through the
programs that John Poch has allowed me to help put together. I
would go up against Kano himself if he came against the kids in
my program or their faimilies. I will kiss the ass of no being living
or dead when it comes to this issue.

I know you more then most Josh and you were one of the first to
help me see this aspect of training and coaching so you have
another hat tipping you direction (thanks). Anytime you want to
come and work with our kids please by all means come in. I have a
couple of 8 year olds that would love to learn a Dimelo or 2.


One more thing Josh,

Don't assume people don't know YOU just because you don't know them. You have never met me....................but I know you well. Just bring your kickass passion for the sport wherever you go and you will always be as successful as you are. I hope we will meet someday because I need to steal some of your fire............:-)



well said!!

I am a lowly shodan, probably will be a while since I can't train hard randori for a while but I'd sooner learn country line dancing than judo kata. Both are about as effective and I can get chicks line dancing....

I went to a local judo school a couple years ago here at the ymca, they made me go through the Nage No Kata and they had a look of disgust on their face when I did not point my toes like a ballerina, looking at me like how could I possibly be a brown belt.....That was until it was time to randori, then they realized that I may just know a little bit afterall...:)