Keeps getting better for criminals in Chicago, new LiL Homicide policy

Haven’t made a thread in forever. Remember that Adam Toledo shithead who got blasted in an alley? This is the response by the city. Doesn’t take a genius to predict the impact of this new policy.

“The policy includes a number of circumstances in which an officer must call off a chase, including a requirement that the pursuit must end if a third party is injured and needs immediate medical attention that can’t be provided by anyone else. If officers realize they do not know exactly where they are, which is possible in a chaotic situation in which they are running through alleys and between houses, they must stop. And if they find themselves unable to communicate with other officers, because they drop their radios or for another reason, they must stop.”

Democrats hate black people and want to see them victimized in their own failing communities. It is flat out evil. 90 years in a row of running Chicago into the ground and it is regressing like a 3rd world country.




“Mercy to the guilty, is cruelty to the innocent”

  • Adam Smith

Dems love changing policy to benefit the criminals of their communities.

Like how after Kim Potter shot (thought she tazed) the dumbass Durante Wright, the city stopped pulling over cars that are riding dirty. Other lib cities did the same.

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In the name of racism they want to go easy on minority criminals when in fact the people victimized are other minorities. The people running Chicago and other Democrat ran cities know this. They don’t care. They want pandering headlines at the cost of innocent people living in these communities to be victims of crime. These are the people trying to sell a narrative that everyone else is racist.

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