Kegorator HELP!

My regulator is showing 0 PSI but beer is still coming out, I'm assuming the co2 system is actually working, but that the regulator is just busted?

Would beer be coming out with no co2 or will it just be using air to pump out the beer and thus I'll have stale beer in a few days?

I just hooked it up, the directions they sent me were shit and many of the parts are fucked up (screws don't fit pre-drilled holes for instance.)

Ok I tried the shut of valve and my pour stopped, should've thought of that sooner.

So obviously my co2 system is working, I just have a fucked up regulator.

I dont know but I wish I had a kegorator. What beer did you choose? Phone Post 3.0

Sound like it's just the gauge on the regulator is not working but the regulator is. You should be able to find a regulator locally just make sure the thread and pitch match Phone Post 3.0

Where'd you get the kit from btw? Phone Post 3.0

Sams Club. dumb question but do I need to open the actual co2 tank? (the big rubber one on top of the actual co2 tank, not the regulator.)

I think that might be my problem, but I'm not positive.

The fucking instructions have an entire page dedicated to how to get "the perfect pour" by tilting the glass as it fills, but literally NOTHING about the co2 system, just which hoses connected to the others.

Wow I am a complete moron. That was the problem. Regulator works fine, got it at 7 PSI and the pour is beautiful.

I guess you learn something new everyday.

Glad you got, enjoy it! Phone Post 3.0

How much did that Kit run you Phone Post 3.0