Keiko Raca Gi's

Anyone use them?

I like mine.
I use a Koral for daily training, but for competition I like the Keiko.

You don't have the material up front to cover your chest with the Keiko, but that is good in competition. The Koral has too much material up front which gets in my way when I'm reaching in.

The collar on the Keiko I like too because it is thick and harder for the guy to get a good grip on.

Comfort Koral. Competition Keiko.

Where's a good place to order them?

I dont see any Keiko Raca products on that site.

Keiko fits me best,
I love the Gi

Do they shrink a little or a lot or not at all? If they shrink do you just order one size up?

They shrink a lot..

Great Gi, shrinks too much over time...

I also heard the sleeve openings are smaler than others is that true

do they shrink more than atama or machado kimonos?

So would you guys recommend going 1 or 2 sizes bigger and then washing and drying on the hot setting to get all the shrinking out of the way up front? If it's going to shrink, I'd rather get it done and not have to worry about future shrinking. Thanks in advance.

I wear A3 and have A3 Keiko ,even if it shrinks it still fits really well but it depends on your build ,like how long your arms are and if have wide shoulders etc

Will it hold up as well as my koral

It is a good gi for skinnier people because the fit is slimmer than most gis. I do wish it was a couple of inches longer though.

As for shrinking, I wash mine in either cold or warm water and let them hang dry. I have not had any problems.