if i was his manager opinion on this plan

gets his rematch with Travis Wiuff his first lose, travis is a pride vet and a ufc vet so it not a step down for jardine.

next fight semi main event bout or UFN main event vs Bonnar , alot of ppl though jardine won the first match so a rematch make sense.

Jardine wins both and goes up vs a tito or babalu for number one contender ship at witch point assuming he wins all three he would have 8 fights in the ufc with a 13-2 record avenging his only two loses going into a championship match vs chuck liddell.

i got to much time on my hands I know


travis i would think he would want to fight , right now is the only time it makes sense before he get to the top tier level and it would make 0 sense to make the match. at this point you can still do it.

as for babalu what i was trying to say was whoever the number one contender is a "tito or babalu" (just because he lost to lambert doesn't mean he not a contender)

Jardine flies under a lot of people's radar.

But somebody is going to have to fill the void when Chuck is done owning 205.

last I heard travis is not with the ifl...just fought in pride is probably a free agent...actually might move back to heavyweight.

I don't think the ufc will push jardine while his teammat e rashad is being built up. The UFC probably sees no reason to push a guy that will not fight rashad.

Looks like he gets gatekeeper duties for now. Might be a good time to look at getting pushed in WEC or pride's 205.

I think you will see alot of this with the major camps. The IFL especially served MFS in getting guys under the radar some national exposure.

Even if Rampage beats Chack I don't see him dominating the UFC 205 division the way Chack has. Rampage may have Chack's number but he'll be hot and cold against UFC 205ers.

Rampage could not beat Rashad, imo.

Jardine's game plan has been pretty solid so far:

beat up some dudes, lose a b.s. decision to one poster boy, comeback and ktfo another poster boy.

Jardine is fighting Houston Alexander at UFC 71.

Jardine won't be that guy to fill the void for Chuck, his striking isnt polished and he doesnt have devastating 1 punch ko power like chuck, nor the wrestling of tito and rashad. However Jardine is a good fighter and i think he will be in the mix.